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We carefully select the best Startups to provide
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Our Services.

ChainRaizer makes private equity accessible, with no upfront fees and just a few clicks. This a unique opportunity to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio while investing in the real economy.

​Thanks to its disruptive investment platform that connects investors and entrepreneurs based on Equity crowdfunding - funding a company by selling shares to crowd investors in exchange for partial ownership - powered by blockchain technology, ChainRaizer allows easier access to capital and paperless investment.


How does it work for entrepreneurs?

Simply register on the platform and upload: 

  • A presentation and/or a pitch video, 

  • Business & Financial statements (or a forecast plan), 

  • Investment proposal (Valuation, percentage & Minimum target)

How does it work for investors?

Simply register on the platform and choose: 

  • If you are a professional investor or an individual investor, 

  • Which wallet you want to connect to the platform,

  • Your preference regarding the industry sector,

  • The startup you decide to go to open rounds with.


So whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a seed or pre-seed investment to jumpstart your company or an investor looking for a paperless investment opportunity to grow your assets here is how ChainRaizer can help you meet your needs thanks to blockchain.

“ChainRaizer helped  us to raise the perfect amount we needed for our Seed Round  in order to scale our activity - and this in a record time.”

Mylène Sroussi, Sales manager of ALBA


Business Partner:

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Technical Partner:

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